Tuesday, December 12, 2017

ACW (Union) progress, totals, and Winter quarters....

( I am on a roll lately with the postings, that's because I am a master blogger (after only 5 months...))

ACW Union Progress

so back in 11/9/17, started some more ACW Union bases and some terrain (see post HERE! to reread in original glorious-ness!)

AAANNND now complete; I had a spurt of hobbytime so completed 20 more infantry bases, 6 more guns, and about 20 more cornfield bases.

I feel like I say this almost every other post, but I don't especially like painting.  I don't mind it, but really painting is the means to the end that I want: which is fully painted armies.  There's a sense of satisfaction when a project is complete, but if I had more resources (and by resources I mean cash money) I would pay others to do it exclusively.

which is why 15mm ACW seems to be a perfect fit for me: The uniforms are basic and look good En Masse; so all the figures get a basic paint job, a wash, and flocked.  That's it.

so here's 6 more artillery pieces to add to the collection.  I painted 2 as brass barrels just to make them distinct.  All my cannons are 12lbs, because really, they all look the same anyway.

10 more bases of men in the famous 'Black Hats.'  10 more bases of regular guys.

Union totals (for myself)

126 infantry stands
12 Cannons
6 generals
2 Corps/divisional commands
18 ish command stands (some command stands are spread over 2 bases).

More terrain

I made some more cornfield bases, for now a total of 50!  
(A post detailing the method can be found HERE CORN

Hopefully that will be enough for most purposes. each circle is 50mm (2 inches).  So a 10" x 6" field would require 15 bases.  A 12" x  8" field would require 24 bases...

Pack it in, Going into Winter Quarters...

So with Christmas upon us and coming fast, the house is in full prep mode for visitors!  We're having 4 family members coming to stay with us from about the 21st to the 26th, which is 1 more than we can handle comfortably.  Which means we need an extra room, so the hobbyroom must be dismantled as it will now be my bedroom for Christmas.

so the wife and I cleaned off the hobby desks to make room.

Before pic...  doesn't everybody's hobby desk look like this?

after pic... so neat, so tidy, so inaccessable

SO no place for arts and crafts for awhile, and no time either (because it's not like I'd be able to go do wargame stuff while the wife cleaned house in prep for company).

so there won't be much more hobby progress until the new year, so any further posts I might squeeze in will have to be pithy opinion pieces....

So, in case I don't see you...

Happy Holidays to you and everyone.


  1. Nice acw guns and troops, I have to say I find painting relaxing and the occasional gaming unexpected pleasure! Neat painting table, I don't have anything permanent, I'm hoping to keep on painting, we don't have to put anyone up except xmas day and boxing day I don't think I'll be painting much on those days, have a good Christmas!
    Best Iain

  2. You sure get a lot painted for someone with no permanent set up! It’s because I can leave a constant mess that I can get anything done.

    Happy holidays!

  3. Good looking figures and I love the corn fields.

    1. Thanks! I think the corn Looks the part, especially when on the table with some fences.

  4. An impressive and beautiful ACW collection...and these corn fields are really nice!

  5. Thanks Phil, though I doubt my ACW collection is actually impressive and beautiful. But it’s a nice exaggeration. 😀