Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Wooden Progress

 A post where I do minor things somewhat badly.

Fast Times

It's been hectic times over the last couple of weeks here.   Feels like things go at a breakneck pace and then suddenly stop.   Like everyone. You know the feeling.

I lost a few nights of convention prep due to this little known holiday called Easter.  Maybe you've heard of it.  To some people it's a big deal.  In-laws visit.    My wife is sometimes a Catholic and Easter becomes a thing.  Also for small children who like egg hunts and such activities, it's a thing.  For my own part, I needed to make the traditional Easter Egg racing track. Which is a creation of cardboard and masking tape to make various ramps on a large plank, placed onto stairs, and eggs roll down.  

Egg racing in action.
My shirt states my favorite drink,
in case anyone thought I was thirty.

The Monday after Easter Sunday is Ceasar Chavez day.  It's probably a holiday that you've never heard of just like that What's-It's-Name Bunny holiday.  What's important about CC Day is that it's a California State holiday; and I being an employee of the state, had it off.  No one else does.  Kids go to school, and Mexican restaurants have specials.  

The key to a good marriage is communication.  It's what any marriage counselor is going to tell you (there, I saved you a session).  I 'communicated' to the wife about twice during the week that on Monday I wanted some time to do the battlefield project.  Typically, I do all my hobbyness late at night after everyone is asleep.  But this project had to be done during the daytime and EVEN WORSE, done outside. Nothing good happens outside.  

What I wanted was a few hours, what I got was 40 minutes.  Even that was interrupted by her saying "hey, I have to go to the store, can you watch the 3 year old for a little bit?"  

Hubby minutes, like hubby points, have a very low exchange rate.  

Battlefield Fail

In order to make the battlefield for the Wooden Wars, just something that marks out 'this is where we are playing"  I decided the easiest and cheapest way would be to get a painting drop cloth and paint it up like ground.  I have all this left over paint from various painting projects anyway so that's no worry.  At the hardware store I looked for canvas drop cloth, thinking that something around 8 feet by 10 feet would work. 

An exciting picture.

closest thing was either 6x9 or this 9x12.  Being American and "bigger is always better" I got the 9x12.  (only exceptions to bigger is better?  my stomach and my wife's ass).

Set it up in the backyard.

I was rushing and didn't really have a plan.  I had a hodge podge of left over paint cans / colors.  I would just throw on various shades of browns / greens, whatever, and see what happens.


Well, not done.  I ran out of time and had to do other stuff.  I also vastly underestimated how much paint would be needed and ran out of appropriate colors.  Painting, even with a large brush was pretty slow work.  Got about half of it done.  

So leaving it dry outside while I did other things like pick up the kids from school, hit the grocery store, and hiding my frustration and doing a minor thing rather poorly.

Hooray for French Hussars

The weekend after Bunny Day (or whatever it's called), my family had yet another holiday but only in significance to us; Son #2's sixth birthday.  It's a thing.  There are decorations.  In-Laws visit.  

Blowing out the candle.

But as I am  master of scheduling and late night coloring, I finished the French Cav. for Wooden Wars.

French Hussar
No lie, it took me a solid minute to work out that these guys
aren't actually wearing the little jacket, but it's draped over the shoulder.
I'm SURE there is a good reason for that. 

I did an image search for French Hussar Uniform and got a billion different versions. So this one is what I settled on. 

That the French army complete.  I still have the British Cav to do and the game is this Saturday.  I see some late nights ahead.  Gonna need a lot of my favorite drink.  

Not to mention prepping for the OTHER games I'm running this weekend.  I'm not quite the master scheduler Afterall.

Though to be honest, it's not imperative that I finish the British cav, it'll just be nice.  But what is imperative is that battlefield to play on.

Battlefield Partial Success

Communication is the key to a good marriage.  Anyone will tell you.  I 'communicated' to my wife that I would need some time on Sunday to finish the battlefield.  last Saturday was the kid's Bday, Sunday morning the In-laws left, so Sunday afternoon was battlefield time.  This time I was armed with some brown paint, some green, and some white, and a roller.  

What I said and what my wife heard were different things, as often happens.  I ended having to watch the kids and do the project while she took a nap.  In her defense she was sick. 

starting again.
later in the day than I wanted.
Notice where the shadow of the house is.

Being a Master of divide and conquer, I bribed my oldest girl with a new game on her NIN Switch to stay out of the way.  The two boys, ages 6 and 3, could help me or play in the backyard.

See how far that shadow moved?

Took some time.  even with the roller and extra help.  Everyone knows that when little kids 'help' with something it takes longer.  Still, they didn't get completely covered in paint.  Sure, they got paint on them, that couldn't be helped, but not completely covered.  It was bath night for them anyways.
Once again, I was out of paint, and out of time.

To be honest, I don't love it.  
Kinda looks like bad camouflage rather than ground.  And while the roller was quicker it doesn;t blend as much.  Maybe when I get some troops on it, it'll look better.  IN hindsight, I should of just bitten the bullet and gotten way more paint and done more of a patchwork of fields or something.   Oh well.  It's done.  it'll work.  Not every creation can be a masterpiece.

thanks for reading.
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Monday, March 25, 2024

Onward Wooden Soldiers..

..marching as to war.


Got Time to see some pictures of Wooden War flats?  Of course you do. It's the best thing since sliced bread with PeanutButter and Jelly. It's a good time for everyone.  It's a PBJ post, the most-est favorite-est  time on blogs.   

More Wooden Wars

I've been coloring and staying in-between the lines like a big boy (mostly). Trying to get everything done before the deadline.  Doesn't help that I fell victim to Project Creep. After the fairly successful inaugural game of Wooden Wars (featured in the last post), naturally I decided there had to be MORE.  

Not long after, another box of wood from Thomas at Skull and Crown Miniatures arrived.  

What project creep looks like.
Looks like a box of fun times ahead.

The success of my quest
rests with inventiveness,
precious freshness is stressed
as this chart will suggest...

The idea now is to have an 8 player game that looks like:
This chart is super fancy

My thoughts being that each player (be they either a child or an adult with youthful joy in their hearts) would get 1 bog-standard-boring infantry unit of 14 figures, and one unit of something COOL; Could be a 3-cannon battery (two available), or a 7 figure cavalry unit, or a 14 figure elite infantry unit.  

What does an elite infantry unit look like? They have fancy hats.  

Sampling of the elite British.
See the fancy hats?

Sampling of Elite French with even fancier hats
They also have fancy boots.
The French just love to be fancy

Elite infantry are better at melee and get a save when knocked over by shooting balls.

Since I am such a loyal Wooden Wars customer, Mr. TF threw in some fun extras like some command sprues and flags. These don't get any special rules, just spice up the overall appearance of infantry.

Sampling of the Command; flags and drums.
French left, British right.
Cummin and Turmeric

Everybody knows that Napoleonic infantry were terrible, lazy soldiers.  to help them out with some necessary leadership I've added two Officers on foot for each side.

Officers also have fancy uniforms

Officers lead from the front and provide a rally and melee bonus.
That also rounds out all the infantry needed.

And now to sprinkle in some more Artillery to add some needed kick..

British 3-gun battery
3 cannons and 12 figures.

French battery of the same make up

Going back to my freshness chart above, all the infantry and artillery are done.  grand totals of 72 foot soldiers, 6 cannons, 24 cannon crew, and 1 mounted Army leader PER SIDE.  Not bad.
Put like that, it sounds like a lot of miniature flats.  Luckily, storage has never been easier...

The flats are quite robust, being all wood and glue,
so just tossed into a tub.

Final Effort

It's 3 weeks to the convention and it's the final push to get everything done.  A few more things for Wooden Wars and not to mention the 3 other games that I'm running that weekend.  
The crucial thing for Wooden Wars is the actual battlefield.  While we could play on whatever floor / carpet is there at the place, I'm gonna go the extra mile and make a 8 x 10 foot -ish sized battlefield by getting a big canvas drop cloth and painting it various browns and greens.  As long as it doesn't come out looking too much like bad camouflage it'll be acceptable.  Lay it out like a giant rug.

Also I'd like complete all the cavalry if possible:

Here's a big pile of cav sprues.
Cav is always a pain, no matter the game system.
And it looks like they also have fancy uniforms and saddles.
Nap cav must be Primadonnas.  

Wooden Wars uses a 12 inch stick for all it's measuring.
In some circles that's called a ruler.
But I got these fancy 'Batons' for extra class.
Not needed, but fun.

3 weeks out is a pretty good spot to be in, but one never has as much time as one thinks.  There's also in that timeframe Son #2's birthday and Easter coming up, which means I also need to make the Easter Egg Racing track for the traditional Easter Egg race down the stairs.  
Stupid family traditions that bring joy and laughter to family, why'd we ever start that one I'll never know.

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Till Next time.

Monday, March 4, 2024

Firsts of the New Year

First Games

Doesn't everyone remember their first time? Or times?  Especially if you don't get it right the first time and have try it again.  I'm not thinking of anyone in specific....

The new year is off and running, and I've occasionally managed to escape the dungeon of my responsibilities to get in some FIRST games of the new year.   The thing about dungeons is that it can be hard to get out, but easy to get back in.

Like a lot of miniature wargame bloggers I spend most of my time painting, writing witty blog posts and even wittier comments on other blogs.  But that's not all.  Gaming is the thing that I like most, and I have some games I've played that I'd like to share in shotgun blast picture style.  

This post is kinda wordy, kinda long, has bad jokes, and full of pics.
The way I like'em.  It's the most fun on the internet you can have with your pants on.
But seriously, put your pants back on.  There are children in this post.

First Boardgame:

I went over to my friends Mr. PC house to play the best Starwars game EVER; StarWars Rebellion. 
Not only is it the best StarWars game, but it's also the best game of asymmetrical warfare EVER.
You can Trust me on this. I'm a stranger on the internet.  

What's on the board.
What's in our minds.

I actually didn't take pics of our game, that one is stolen from the internet.  Pics of boardgames are boring, unless there is a lot of context and providing that context takes time and talent that I don't have.  We all can't be Norm.  And recently Keith.

Just wanted to tell you about it since it's the best game EVER.  Especially if you like the three original movies. As the Rebel Alliance I saved the galaxy from the evil space empire.  

Speaking of space;

First Miniatures

As the Intergalactic Conquest convention is coming up and I'm gonna run my Star Trek using Starmada Unity rules; I though a refresher game was in order.  I invited myself over to the house of my buddy Mr. DJ of the elusive Lasgunpacker Blog cuz he is my Sci-Fi buddy.  And because my house was full of children and In-laws and a man can only take so much family togetherness before he fakes a head injury so he could be left alone for a while.  Mr. DJs very much biased and self-aggrandizing ARR (LOL) can be seen HERE.  he does have some better pics.  

There's not much to show except for my pretty Star trek ships swooping around the table.

Mr DJ provided the venue and the fun, all I had to do was bring the game.  Another good thing (besides getting together with Mr. DJ), was that I had redesigned all the ships and got a chance to test out the builds.  Mr. DJ and I thought they worked very well.  
I'd go more in depth about this but not everyone is a super space Starmada nerd like me.  

ok, FINE.

Previous Galaxy Class Starship Display

Updated Galaxy Class Starship Display

BIG differences huh?  Needs no further explanation.  Say Less Already.

Playing as the Federation I lost -badly- to the evil Empire and now the Galaxy belongs to Klingons.

That's one galaxy saved and one galaxy lost so far this year.  Luckily, they're not the same universe.  That joke works on many different levels.

First Game of Wooden Wars

One Sunday afternoon, after several days of the kids and the wife being sick, and finally starting to feel better; we were all lounging in our pajamas. I thought it was the perfect time to spring the Wooden Wars game on them, because they had enough energy to do 'something' but not enough energy to really argue with me about it.  

Oh, I didn't get sick, because I was sneaking cigarettes the whole time.  Smoking kills germs as everyone knows, it's one of its health benefits..  (don't worry, no one in my family reads this stupid blog, the secret is safe).

Refresher: Wooden Wars is a game played on the floor using wooden soldier flats.  Players can move and charge like any other miniature game, but shooting is done by throwing a rubber ball at the enemy and knocking them over.  Like a throwback to HG Wells.  
Primarily aimed for children, I invested into it as a game to play with my children and also thought it would be cool for family events, cub scouts, conventions with children, afternoon stuck at home, etc...

Introductory Bristish Force.
3 units of infantry, 1 3-gun battery, 1 mounted leader.
The French was the same.

Having completed an introductory force for both sides, I was anxious to have them play it.  I was also anxious about how it would be received.  After already investing a fair amount of time and money into the project I was hopeful that they would LOVE it, and I would feel justified.   

Also would feel better about the sacrifice I'm making on spending MY hobby time doing this project for them instead of miniatures for myself.  Fatherhood is a constant sacrifice.  
(which is unfair, especially in this case, because it's not like they asked for this).

At the very least I wanted them to like it and say it was fun. 

We split up into teams, the wife and daughter#1 (10 years old) on one team and Son #2 (5 years) and myself on another.  

Game took some time to set up
as Son#3 (3 years old) kept demonstrating his technique of how to deal with infantry;
Hit them with a Truck.
It was his nap time so luckily for us he fell asleep on the couch.

Son#2 wanted to play the 'the Blue guys."
because he thought the officer was cooler.
French force deployed at his feet.

You will excuse the mess the house is in.
We were in the middle of a sort through of old stuff when everyone got sick
and the project halted, and there it sat.
My wife will be mortified if she knew I posted pictures of it.
Luckily, she doesn't read the blog.  like ever.

Son throwing a ball at troops under his mother's command.

Action shots!
Blue ball starts in my wife's hand, and then streaks forward!
like a cannon ball. Like a wrecking ball.
But ill aimed as it bounced over.
Balls have to bounce at least once to be valid shots

Consensus: Lots of fun.  My wife, myself, and my son really liked it. Both children liked to fire the cannon battery as you get to throw 3 balls (one for each cannon) instead of 1.  
My daughter however, got more and more frustrated because she couldn't hit very much, and started to complain that "this isn't fun because I'm losing." as the boy kept making shots.  And I launched into a well thought out (some might say 'heated and annoyed') discussion (some might say lecture) on sportsmanship and how one can't complain just because they are losing and the trick to games is to have fun even while losing; and if if she's gonna be a bad sport then no one is gonna want to play with her.   FURTHERMORE; no one is going to be her friend if she whines and complains when something doesn't go her way.  This went over really well (some would say poorly) and was well received (some would say ignored) and ended with her quitting the game on an extended time out. 
And the long experiment of Nature versus Nurture continues.  So. Very. Long.**

First Game of Bolt Action

The even more elusive Dia of The Lost and the Damned and the Stunted blog came over to give me my fist ever game of Bolt Action.  Does every gamer have a blog these days?  Sometimes it feels less like a miniature game and more of a internet collaboration. 
This time I played host and provided the venue and food, while Dai brought everything for the game.
I took over the kids playroom.  Beat it children!  It's serious grown-up play time.

looks like we both wore the standard white guy uniform:
black t-shirt and blue jeans.
How to tell us apart?
One of us is a handsome charming man with a shaved head,
and the other one is ME.

Dai has been threatening me for a very long time to demo me a game of Bolt Action, and brought along his winter themed Russians versus Germans setup.  

Dai really nailed the Winter theme

It's very cold in Mother Russia.

I elected to be the Russians, the attacking force against a German position.  Since it was my first time playing the game, I figured Russians were a good choice because if I did something stupid and lost a unit that I'd probably have a spare.  

Soviets advance...

zoom out, a HT coming in behind them with another platoon

Soviets (on the right) about to take an objective.

Soviets (on the right) trying to take another one,
and dying to a man, like Soviets do.

There's no real AAR.  There were 3 objectives spread across the Germans table edge that Dai had to defend, I had to take two to win, 1 to draw.  I got one objective and had a reasonable chance to take another one at the end of the game if the rolls went right and then.....

This HT full of troops needed a 9 or less to advance and maybe win me the game.
It rolled a 11, so instead retreated ALL the way to it starting position.
Might as well call it a Backtrack instead of Halftrack.

It was great to see Dai after way too long and his stuff is always top production.  I also really liked the Bolt Action rules and can see why they're popular.  And as always the sign of a good game and an even better time, the next day I was looking 28mm WWII stuff online....

and lastly...

**First Dance

I realize that some of you might think I was a little harsh on the little girl.  And I was.
Rest assured that we made up and had a more civilized and meaningful conversation later.
Fatherhood is also constant repair work. 
And the next weekend we went to the Father-Daughter dance (Hawaiian Luau style) and had a grand ol' time.  I know all the Taylor Swift songs.  Afterwards we went out to dinner for super big hamburgers with her friend.

Daughter and I making funny faces,
in MATCHING clothes no less.

So I can't be a complete ogre.

Thanks for reading,
Double Thanks for writing a comment.
Till next time.

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Fistful of Lead (FFoL) Review


I've got a Fistful for ya,
A Fistful of Opinions! 

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed on this Terrible blog are made by an unqualified and self important person and are not to taken seriously.  While the writer is kinda clever and everyone always agrees is also good looking; he's a well meaning amateur at best and a crazy person with a computer at worse.

Fistful of Fun

Not least because you get to say "Fistful of (Blank)" over and over.
Fistful of Lead is by Wiley Games and has been around for awhile now, BUT! I only heard about it last year.  So just in case you haven't heard of it either, let me tell you that this is a FUN skirmish game.  I'm always on the look out for skirmish games that are simple enough to teach to people at a convention, have enough going on that they still require some thought, and good for around 4-6 players.  FFoL hits all those marks.  

Fistful of Lead started life as a cowboy / wild west game (hence the title. talk about a Fistful of cliches!) and then evolved into a generic skirmish game that can tweeked into this genre and that, and de-evolved into genre specific supplements.  More on that later. But the Core rules are the same across all the publications and once understood, can be used for fun in anything.

Fitful of Miniatures

A core force in FFoL is made up of 5 miniatures.  This of course can be moved up or down depending on your needs and desires. but I've found that the number of miniatures one payer can control tops out at around 10.  That because each miniature is an individual and activates by itself.  So in the core force you get one miniature who is the 'Leader" and is the most badass, one miniature is the second in command and less bad ass; sometimes called the specialist, sometimes called Number 1, and sometimes called Samatha.  And then the rest of the force is made up of 3 regulars / standard / mooks.  

A miniature then is an individual and its abilities during the game are made up from a combination of the equipment it's carrying plus it's traits / skills.  The rules call them Traits but could be thought of as skills and attributes.  This miniature is better at shooting so has the "deadeye' trait.  That miniature is especially strong so has the (wait for it) 'Strong' trait.  This other miniature is really good at needlepoint so has the 'girly' trait.  That other miniature has an encyclopedic memory of star wars trivia so has the 'super nerd' trait.  Some of those I made up.

The Leader gets the most traits, the second gets some, and the mooks get one each.  this is kinda cool because it allows for each character in the force to be unique.  for example; if building a little Viking raiding party you can have the Leader butt kicker; the second could be a crazy Berserker or maybe a skilled archer, the last three dudes with slightly different abilities.  

Fistful of Cards

The basic turn structure of the game uses a deck of cards.  Each player is dealt one card for each miniature in their force.  The cards are ranked King as highest with Ace as lowest (kinda, stay tuned).  After everyone has their hand of cards (and is either groaning or cheering), The cards ranks are called out starting with Kings, and going down through to the bottom.  (Kings, Queens, Jacks...).  When a card rank is called and you have one, you show it with a flourish and then activate a miniature of your choice to do 2 actions.  This is important; is NOT like Dead Mans Hand, where each miniature is assigned a card and activates when it comes up NO.  It's you use the card to activate the miniature you want to, which I really like because it means you can activate the one that needs to move NOW.  If more than one player has the same rank (say three players have Jacks) then the play is in suit order of Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs.  

Also, some cards have bonuses when used to activate.  For example, the Jack of Spades gives a +1 to shooting.  You don't need to use the Jack of Spades to shoot but if you do then the miniature gets a +1.  The 2 card allows the miniature to roll an extra die and pick the best.  there are a fair number of bonuses in the deck.  Aces are wild so can be any card. If you have 2 Aces they can even be the same card if need be...

Fistful of Actions

When a miniature activates it can take two actions.  Actions are what you think they are: move, shoot, fight, do a task, aim, pick his nose, reload, ponder the meaning of life knowing that we are brief specs of dust in an infinite void of space.  The standard move is 5".    There are the usual modifiers for range, terrain, cover, all the stuff you expect but there's not really that many of them; one could say only a Fistful.

The game uses D10s, though really skilled characters can use a D12, and really bad ones a D8.  When a character is hit, there is a roll on the wound table and can result in a shock (temp damage that can be removed) a wound (permanent damage), and a small chance to be killed outright.  Characters can take 3 wounds though this number can be changed with traits.  I really like that every time a character is hit there is a small chance that it gets killed outright, as I find that realistic as these are mortal men and even Kings can take an arrow in the eye.  

Clint Eastwood from Fistful of Dollars.
Also known as my identical twin.

Fistful of Observations and Suggestions:
(so that would be two fists then yes?)

The game is usually played on a smallish table; 3x3 or 4x4.  But as I've hinted at this thing scales pretty well so larger or smaller could be used.  Games benefit from a good amount of terrain.  Games of 2 players with 5 miniatures each take about an hour ish to about an hour and half.  Adding more players or miniatures will increase that time obviously, but one should remember that each miniature activates alone, which means everyone is standing around while that player is resolving those actions.  However, the activations are short and tend to be quick.  I think the game tops out at about 6 players and/or 30ish miniatures total.  

There are no points, and the game is very scenario dependent.  Each Genre supplement has a good number of scenarios included (more on that later).  A good scenario and this game is an awesome combination: Like pizza and ice cream.  What? my kids tell me that's a good combination and kids never lie about things that are yummy.  Just everything else.  

There are a whole lot of Traits in the game, I think there is over 100, and each trait has a different effect.  While no trait is game breaking, some traits are better than others.  For example, I don't see the trait "leaper' where the character can jump further than others being much use.  No, I didn't make that trait up.   Now if you design your own warband you'll be familiar with the traits you select but if you're handed a warband and each miniature is super unique it means that one has to become very familiar with 9 traits very fast and that can lead to trait overload; too many things to remember.  
To avoid this it's easier to give all the regular dudes the same trait and just make the leader and the Second special unique snow flakes.
A force roster is essential, but I think it's way cooler to make Character pokemon-like cards that summarize things in one pace.

Example of character cards I made for a Dark Ages game.
Just a clever use of text boxes in Powerpoint.

Just helpful in a convention or club setting where you might have many players new to the game.  

As mentioned above; the game uses a card deck for activations and many cards have special rules attached to them.  This is hard to remember.  One solution is to write the bonus on the actual card as a reminder, but that's a poor mans option.  Plus I have really bad handwriting.  Instead, I opted for one of the custom card decks from the website.  There are lots to choose from to match the genre of your choice; the attributes of the cards don't change just the pictures on them.  I opted for the generic fits all kinda plain card deck.  I'm well off sure; but I don't have 'get 4 different card decks that have the same information but different pictures on them' kind of money.  

Specialist card deck that I got.
Image taken from Wiley Games website.

There are lots of game play vidoes on Youtube if one in interested.  The cards and the combat sysem combine to create lots of dramtic die rolls and roll offs.  The activation system gives a player the right amount of decisions; enough for the player to feel like they have options and can pursue a strategy but not so many to invoke analysis paralysis.  While each figure only gets two actions, it's not really an action economy game.  

I've played about 4 games of FFoL and enjoyed them immensely.  During these games I noticed there was a higher amount of laughter and swearing, and that I thought was a good sign. But it was G rated swearing, my kids were in the house.

Fistful of Books (buying guide)

The Core rule book is pictured at the start of the post, and then there is a supplement for almost any genre you can think of (Old West, medieval, black powder, post apoc, far future, Star Wars..).  Now, each supplement is actually a standalone game.  So you don't need the core rules just to play a certain genre.  In fact, most of each supplement is a reprint of the core mechanics.  You also don't need any of the supplements to play any genre if you have the core rules.  What each supplement offers are a few little twists to the rules to make it fit the genre better, some new traits, and a bunch of scenarios.  
I tend to think of the core rulebook as the supplement for 20th century combat.  

PDFs of the book are pretty reasonably priced.  I did my usual thing where I buy the PDF for the instant gratification and if I really like it I then buy a printed copy.  So now I have a PDF of several books and a printed copy of my favs so far: Might and Melee (medieval / dark ages) and Black Powder.

A nice touch, is that there is an Ultimate trait list on the website for super cheap that has every trait from every book in it.  So you don't feel like you're missing out on anything.

So if you feel like checking out the game, I would suggest just picking up the supplement for your preferred genre for skirmish as that will be all you need to get started.  

So far I've used FFoL for games set in the Dark Ages (Viking versus Saxons) and Black Powder (AWI).  While the core rules were the same; just the fact that one genre was mainly hand to hand and the other was shooting made the games play very differently.  In a good way. 

I'm hosting a FFoL game at Conquest in April, and planning another project for FFoL later in the year. After I finish all these wooden soldiers.  better get back to that now.

Fistful of Tears

Because it's time to say goodbye.  

Thanks for reading
Double thanks for writing a comment.
Till next time.