Saturday, September 28, 2019

Brigade Fire and Fury Game, finally.

Finally got around to playing a game, and it was a great outing for my first time with the Brigade Fire and Fury (BFF) rules.

How the Other Half Lives

I think the vast majority of the games I play are the ones that I host.  My place, my miniatures, my terrain, my scenario, my time spent for set up and tear down, my etc..  It's not an issue because I like that sort of thing, and I don't spend time painting little soldiers and making terrain just so that no one else can use them. I like to share, no matter how ungrateful the players are...

But there's something to be said for being on the other side once in awhile.  The other weekend I was just a player for my friend A.S.'s ACW game set in the battle of Chickamauga .  I just showed up, with my trademarked blend of a good attitude and flawed tactics, rolled the dice, moved the miniatures, and  then I simply left.
Fun and Easy.  I should be an ungrateful player more often.  All satisfaction and no work.

(Of course I was a grateful player, thanking the GM and the other players for a good game.  I even helped clean up.)

Brigade Fire and Fury (2nd Edition)

I loves me the ACW, it's probably my favorite genre and I have several rule sets for it, some I've even played once or twice.  Usually I play at the regimental level (where the units on the table represent regiments) and my go-to rules have been Regimental Fire and Fury (RFF); great set of rules. 

But We're talking brigades here not regiments

Back in 2017, the 2nd edition of Brigade Fire and Fury came out and I immediately snatched it up, and when a scenario book came out early this year it was immediately purchased. And there they sat on the self awaiting a play test.  I wasn't in a huge rush, I knew I was going to like BFF.  The core mechanics of BFF are basically the same as RFF, it just up-scales the battle from the regimental to the brigade level with a  few differences to reflect that.
So overall it's kinda like going on a date with your ex girlfriend's sister.

Will it prove to be the same awesome rule set?  let's find out.

A Brief AAR of the battle in 13 Pics

I knows there's no such thing as brief AAR that is also a really good AAR. Least not one I've ever written.  Certainly the act of writing it wasn't brief...Onward!

The game table and the setting for the battle.  Areas with trees based on large CD like bases represent areas of Heavy Woods.  Trees on small bases are areas of Light Woods.  The are some roads and a few clearings, but mostly wooded terrain dominates the board.  The river is impassable except for at the two fords.

CSA deployment and possible routs of advance 

I'm the CSA and we're on the attack.  The number of players will grow and shrink over the next hours but settles in 3 CSA and 2 USA for most of the game.  I'm also the CSA CiC (because people think I know what I'm doing, probably because I smile a lot and state loudly "I know what I am doing!" which is an obvious lie) so I have to decide our devilish strategy and dirty tricks.

The task is to capture the two crossroads as seen above (objective A and B).  We have the option to send forces across the ford to the far side of the river in an attempt to flank the USA in the rear.  As seen above by the far left arrow.  I quickly decided against such a foolish errand.  1) because the terrain is mostly heavy woods and would take forever. 2) The USA could easily defend the far ford with a single brigade in cover of the woods and 3) seemed to divert troops away from our objectives.
I didn't consult much with my fellow CSA generals, but they weren't sure either and if anyone looked at me too long I just smiled and said "I know what I am doing." 

I took command of a Core, with 2 divisions with 3 brigades each with 1 battery (lower half of the pic).  Mr A.S. and Mrs G.K took another division each, and each of those had 3 brigades.  The USA was played by some nameless thugs with poor hygiene and sour countenances.

Here also we have the timeless debate;  Is it better to deploy in the formation of field column or battle line when in the heavy woods.  Field Column lets to you advance faster through the terrain but then you lose a turn redeploying into line in order to fight.  Start in line and you advance slower, but at arrive ready to fight.  One day I will sit down and do the math to see which is really better.  I opted for field column because it seemed the thing to do, and I had to preserve the image of knowing what I was doing, because everyone else was deploying in columns. 

The union actually had the advantage of deploying first and the extra fast routes of advancing down good roads, the dirty cheaters.

My brigades advance!  I have it in mind to throw one division through the clearing towards one objective and one division through the heavy woods towards the other.  The immediate problem is the union Wilder's brigade guarding the cross road in front of me.  These guys are going to be a problem, since they are armed with Spencer repeating rifles, giving each base the fire power of two of mine.  Not to mention I'm going to have to fight through the heavy woods.

Picture of the entire battlefield.

AS and GK are also advancing, all according to plan

The attack becomes general.  I spend a turn shacking out my brigades into line in order to be an effective fighting formation.  I send one brigade through the woods to confront Wilder's brigade head on through the heavy woods.  The trees have been moved in order to make room for the soldiers, as happens in almost all miniature wargames.  The table is only pretty for the first couple of turns.  The two other brigades in that division move up the flank in order to encourage that troublesome brigade to move out the way.  My division on the left moves toward the other crossroads.  The union enjoy a strong position at the edge of the heavy woods.  That lead brigade is taking a lot of fire on the way in.

After a brief fire fight, Wilder's brigade mounts up and retreats.  I personally think they gave up too easily.  But with Objective B firmly in my hands (told you I knew what I was doing),  One brigade advances just past the road to guard against a union counter attack, but it never comes because the cowardly mugs don't want to leave the cover of the wood line.  However Objective A is still in union hands so I start to shift brigades toward that way.  unfortunately there is a solid line of troops firing incessantly blocking the way.  My lead brigade continues to take the worse of it and is worn down to only 3 stands from 10.

closer pic of my glorious troops in action

The union are without they're own dirty tricks though, and there are a series of counter charges that wipe out my lead brigade and charge into the next ones.  (Not all pictured).  Except for the lead brigade being taken off the table the union come off worse for the wear for their efforts.  But these succeed in ramping up the CSA causality count and delaying the advance. 

How's the other half of the battlefield going?

END GAME;  All across the lines there are charges toward the final objective.  I can honestly say I have a near perfect charge going into the union. I got the (mostly) fresh veteran brigade, with leader attached, supported by another brigade, bearing down on their target which is a small union brigade with a damaged battery attached; with the whole attack in position to roll down the union line and sweep into the final objective.  It's near perfect because;  it would of been better to be in supported line instead of the line (a double line versus a single one).  For that  single line stretched far enough that the union is able to cobble together more defensive fire power than I would of liked.  After all the fire points are calculated we know that the union will need to roll an 8 or higher on a D10 to prevent the charge (in fire and fury the defensive fire can be so hot that the charging infantry stops).  1-7 sees my devastating charge go through.  Good odds says I.  I told you I knew...

and of course an 8 is rolled.  : )

So instead of charging into the hapless but lucky union,  my brigade stops and shoots instead.  Sigh,  The two other CSA charges on other parts of the battlefield are also unsuccessful. 
After that; A.S. announces that the CSA have reached their heavy casualty limit of 34 stands dead (at least 13 of those are from my command, so it's been a bloody attack). 
That's usually a good time to call a game in Fire and Fury, if one side has suffered heavy casualties and the other is not really that close.  Union victory 2-1; They have 1 crossroad and have killed way more CSA with small loses, while the CSA has one crossroad. 

I do think IF we had played two more turns it might of been a different story. 

Post Game Thoughts

So how did the rules play? BRILLIANTLY.  My first outing with the BFF rules and I loved them.  Not surprising with my love for RFF, but right now I'd be hard pressed to decide which one I liked better. 
On the whole I'd say BFF was a shade simpler. The ranges are a shorter, there are less modifiers, a more traditional roll to activate a unit mechanic,  etc.. which would make it a better convention game.
While RFF leans a little more toward the tactical, BFF leans a little more toward the strategic. 

I'm definitely gonna have to take a real hard look at the BFF scenario book and see which ones I'll be able to put on the table.  There are a few that I have enough troops for, it's the terrain that might be the challenge. 

Man did this make me want to play more ACW in the near future.  Just need to find the time, which is the trick of course.  In the meantime, the wife and I have been off celebrating our 10 year marriage anniversary. 

which is why this post is like 2 weeks after the game and I've been behind in my leaving of blog comments.  "yeah 10 years is a big deal Sweety, but I just want to check my blog list..."

See you again soon! 

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Belated Blog Birthday

now where was I?  Oh yes, writing a wargame blog...

Two Years of A Terrible Loss

While I was away attending to family stuff and doing precious little hobbyness, the blog turned two years old.  Just goes to show that no matter what you are doing, time still passes. 

See?  There it went again.

Let's Talk A Little About Blogging

Traditionally, on the blog birthday I've written mostly about the experience of blogging.  This has an ancient history of going ALL the way back to   1 year ago, so it's too late to change it now.  I'm committed.  Also writing about blogging in general is also in the hopes that it will be entertaining, because its a different topic than the standard blog topics of "I painted this.." or "I played that.."     especially since I haven't done neither painting or playing in awhile. 

I've found that my time spent blogging has dropped.  Some of that is due to being busy with the Real Life (as boring as it is) and some of it is my interest has decreased.  Over the 2 years I've started following many, many blogs  but truth be told; it's just kinda hard to keep up with them all.  Most of the time now I'll look at my blog list and read the title and if it catches my interest then I'll read on, otherwise I'll ignore it.  I'm still glad that I followed their blog in the first place, I just won't read every post.  Of course there are some blogs that I read every post no matter what, mainly because I like the person writing the blog, or we have one of those symbiotic relationships where we are always commenting and reading each other's blogs.  I should get more of those.  It's a BBB...
Blogging Best Buddies.

Anyway. When I read anything, I'm still likely to leave a comment though unless they're someone I know who doesn't respond to comments,  then I usually won't bother. 

-side bar:  responding to comments:

There are many acceptable ways but the most general ones are to write a reply to each comment which takes awhile, or write a general reply to all the comments (like "thanks everyone!") at the end of all the comments, or SOMETHING.  In general I just like an interaction.  It doesn't even have to be every time, just sometimes. 

but back to the topic:

Comments are still my favorite thing about blogging.  It's the interaction that makes blogging a social experience and a post worth posting, otherwise one might as well write their blog articles in a secret journal which is kept under the bed with other writings of super secret private thoughts, never to see the light of day.  Like when I was in high school and had a secrete notebook called "Stew loves Jennifer" and was full of my seductive love moves that one day I was gonna try out for reals...

She never knew what she was missing..

2 Years is Not Really a Long Time, Or is It?  

2 years into this blogging business and some of the novelty has definitely worn off, which I think has lead to a decrease in actual posts.  Of course, some of that decrease is also due to the real fact that  I'm having a pretty lousy year with regards to hobbyness; with hobby and play time taking a back seat to real life concerns for long periods at a time.  But Ive already moaned about that enough.  I guess on the bright side,  it makes one feel very Adult.  I'm adulting all over the place and getting stuff done like crazy.  Yet, I never seem to find enough time to mow the lawn...

Not really my lawn but a very close approximation

But at this two year mark into this blogging madness; I'll also take the opportunity now to say Thank You to everyone who comes by to read this amateur production.  And a Super Thank You (which is more powerful than a regular thank you, able to leap tall buildings..) to everyone that leaves a comment at the end, even once in awhile.  It's all very gratifying.

Nothing says Thank You like the Buddy Christ.

And I see the blog has reached a whooping 50 followers in the last 2 years, which is about 43 and a half more than I thought it would ever have when I installed the 'follower' plug in.   That includes the people I paid to follow me and the family members that follow out of familial obligation.
That's an obvious fib, I've told no family about the blog.

AND!  Just in case all the above sounded too negative;  Overall I still enjoy blogging and have found it to be a great way to make a few new friends and have an online community.  I find other people's blogs to be a wealth of humor, ingenuity, hobby gems, and a great way to relax for a few minutes during these busy times. 

My biggest hope for my own blog is that it will prove to be the same for someone else.

But How About Some Wargame Stuff After all

I'm hoping to squeeeeeeze in some more games before the year is out.  Traditionally the last quarter of the year is hard for me to get in much gaming mainly due to the wife working on weekends leaving me in charge of The Terror and The Destructor (also known as Daughter #1 and Son #2, ages 6 and 1.5).

But, I've managed to move a small mountain and cleared the schedule in order to game on  9/14.  It's my annual appearance at the SHMWClub.  I swear I make it to a club meeting about half as much as I make it to the gym. 

I know my troops will be in the CSA Corps under Hood.
Looks like an easy victory.
I'm excited because it's an ACW game ( I LOOOOVE me the ACW) and using the Brigade Fire and Fury rules which I own but have not played.  Game is set during the Battle of Chickamauga.  Should be fun.  "Chickamauga" after all was translated to mean "River of Blood."
Seems that most Native American words translated to something terrible during the ACW.

WIP shots, not all Orcs are pictured, because pics of
black primed Orcs are booooring.

I was able to  return to the paint desk late in August, and right now I'm grinding my way through 30-freaking-6 (that's 36) figures of Morannon Orcs for the LOTR games (I LOOOOVE me some LOTR).  These are the stronger, better armored orcs that assaulted Minas Tirith as opposed to the normal strength, normal armored orcs who also likely assaulted Minas Tirith. 

These miniatures make up the core evil force in several of the Gondor at War scenarios, so getting them done will be a big step toward more cool LOTR games, taking me closer to being the LOTR magnate that I aspire to be.

Wrapping Up

With life returning more to normal the blog posts should increase.  I thank everyone for their support and well wishes.  Lets all have a great last quarter of the year!  Thanks for reading. 

Monday, July 29, 2019

Intergalatic Convention AAR and personal note

A post in which I summarize my recent gaming weekend at the local convention; Friday night through Sunday.  Delayed some, due to stuff discussed in the personal note.

I had signed up to run 3 games, one on each day.  I had meant to run around and take a bunch of pictures but never seemed to get around to it, but I did take some.  We'll do a day to day blow by blow with some general thoughts about the con at the end shall we?  Of course we shall. 

I'll be focusing exclusively on miniature wargames because that's what I like and wanted to play.

Starting Off on Friday night

My convention weekend started off nicely on Thursday evening when the wife took the kids to her parent's house in the bay area; with strict instructions that I was supposed to have fun all weekend and not try to do any chores.  Yes Ma'am.  As an extra bonus I managed at the last minute to get Friday off from work versus just leaving a little early.  This left me Thursday night through Sunday with a rare gift of alone time.  Something I usually only get while driving to work, which is why I sometimes take the long way. 

Since I had nothing really planned till early Friday evening, I took full advantage and woke up on Friday whenever I darn well pleased, went to the gym (because I'm sure those 40 mins would counter-act all the pizza and soda I was about to consume all weekend), and lazily collected the stuff I would need to run my 3 games over the weekend. 

Everything to run 3 games over 3 days.  Not that bad really.

I was actually a little nervous about transporting the Osgiliath terrain.  While not exactly fragile I wouldn't call it robust either, not to mention being big, in odd shapes, and awkward (just like me).

Showing up late Friday afternoon, after I unloaded the car, I spent some hours chit chatting with people and saying hi.

kicking off and hour or before my LOTR game was a fun looking post apoc game in 15mm put on Mr. B.

I would of liked to play but there really wasn't time to get involved before I would have to host my own, so I contented myself to making jokes  and adding funny commentary while setting up my LOTR game "Defense of Osgiliath" 

I had 2 players, a Mr. R and Mr. M, both of which I've known for awhile and are Good Guy Gamers.

I had a pretty smart set up for both my LOTR games, if I do say so myself, in that I had prepared ahead of time 2 different OOBs depending on how many players showed up.  2 players was just the scenario straight out of the book.

The day of the con, I couldn't find my pretty objective markers,
so at the last minute I printed these round blue one.

fighting amongst the ruins

Both players had a good time, though the good player was CRUSHING IT for awhile with outstanding die rolls, so it was a good thing the evil models regenerated. 

I could use some more practice in explaining the LOTR rules quickly and efficiently as I'm new to hosting games with these, but overall I think it went smoothly and it was gratifying to see the Osgiliath set up on the table.    

Then packed up and went home to watch Frasier on Netflix.  Because I could.  Because no one was home. 

Saturday, Day 2 at the Con

Packed the car up with the stuff for the  the ACW game I was hosting later that day, and back off to the con well rested and happy.
There were some options on Saturday morning and I decided to play in a space ship game based on the Babylon 5 series hosted by Mr. C.   Now I've never seen an episode of Babylon 5, but never the less it seemed like a good option...

My ship is red.

..mainly because:
1) it fit my schedule perfectly, starting early and ending with enough time for me to grab some lunch and set up the ACW game.
2) I haven't played in a space ship game in forever
3) Most space ship games play just like an Age of Sail game - moving and turning, firing arcs, speed adjustments, etc...  the main difference is that instead of saying "I fire my lower deck of 32 pounder guns, boom boom boom!"  you say "I'll fire my armor piercing twin linked beam lasers, pew pew pew." 

I took a few minutes to wander over the the What a Tanker game by Mr. R, which I would of liked to play in but alas again, schedule wouldn't allow it.  BOO

After the fun in space, I set up my ACW game for fighting out Barlow's Knoll.
I had some high hopes for this being my flagship game at the con; a big battle, lots of miniatures, a nice looking table, and room for 5 players.  It was also, I think, the only game on the schedule going from Saturday afternoon through the evening so I had high hopes for a good turnout, and was a little disappointed to get only 2 interested.

some pics of the game table

With only 2 players, and knowing that there was no way that the whole battle could be played with all the troops, I did some quick GM thinking and basically just cut the battle field in half.  Giving the CSA 3 brigades and the USA a division.  In hindsight, this was still a little large as RFF really plays best when each individual controls 1 large brigade or 2 small ones.

CSA closing in

"Hold the Line!"  

The ACW gaem ended around 9PM, and with nothing going on I packed up and went home.

Sunday, Day 3.  

Sunday morning saw me back at the con for an early morning game of Gaslands.  A system that I've heard lots about so wanted to try it.  Turns out, it's a really fun game. 


Gaslands was probably the most attended game of the con, with 7 players at one time.  However, I also learned that since gaslands is a game with single activation (1 car moves at a time), it can play kinda slow with a lot of players.  And other game tables were empty.  So maybe in a bout of selfishness and wanting to try some else new, I crashed my car to take me out the game so I could go do one of the empty game tables.  My car was on it's last legs anyway because I've already had my run ins with the debris strewn all over the table.  

I then played in a Napoleonic game hosted by a Mr. L featuring the one and only Sharpe's Rifle company.  

The rules were "chosen men fat" which I had never heard of before.  It's a skirmish game. 
The idea was to get some objectives of fine wine out of the town, I playing the British manged to grab two of them for a draw.

After all that it was time to set up for the last game I was hosting, "the Retaking of Osgiliath."  

Ruins of Osgiliath

There was a widow with a purple film over it nearby,
so some of my pics have a purple shine to them.

Boromir in the tower.
"This city!... was build on rock and roll!"
Wait, that not the line for the extended cut of the movie.

Unfortunately, the game didn't run because no one really wanted to play.  There was some mild interest but most people where gamed out and I already had an attitude of "unless someone says they're dying to play, then never mind and pack it in."  It was the last day of the con and late afternoon, so I don't blame folks. 

Instead, I left early and brought some KFC to my aged and ailing father.  Which is his favorite.  We watched some lame TV show about sharks.

General Thoughts of the Convention

I did have a good time at the convention.  The venue is great, the people were fantastic, and the games fun.  GMs can store their stuff at the con (which I had forgotten about) which is very helpful for people putting on multiple games. 

I had less luck with scheduling this year than last year.  Last year I seamlessly went from one game to the next and it was spectacular.  This year there were a couple of occasions where I really wanted to play in a game but couldn't because the games I was hosting were scheduled too close or overlapped.  I blame those GMs for scheduling their games at the wrong time, because how dare they schedule their games when it works for them and not when it'd be best for me.  (joking of course).
It's just one of those things that happens.

The only real negative was that the con was poorly attended.  There just weren't that many people there.  One doesn't expect a large turn out at these small local cons, but it was still pretty low even allowing for that.  I never had a full table of players, and I'm going to blame this on the low attendance and state that it's not a reflection of my personality.  I guess it's possible that people aren't really into the ACW and LOTR, no that can't be it.

 The event organizer went around and asked everyone what might help raise attendance, and I have no real good feedback because I have no idea how to run a convention and make a profit. 

So while I had a fun relaxing weekend, the low attendance does tend to put a damper on it.  Still, I shall return next year. 

And I am a BAD BLOGGER because I didn't do the blogger thing where I take pics of all the miniature games.  I just didn't get around to it for no other reason than I was goofing off. 

Ending on a Personal Note, not related to gaming. 

That Sunday night after the con was the last meal I had with my father, and the last time we would speak.  He died 2 days later.  I was able to get to him before he passed but too late for him to be able to acknowledge me.  I held his hand  and spoke to him while he stopped breathing.  We were alone in the room and it seemed utterly still.  

His health has been bad for awhile now, so while not unexpected still more sudden than I would have liked.  

Making arrangements to have him buried next to my mother in southern California.  I have now entered that phase of life where one does not have parents.  It is strange.  

It will be awhile before my next post obviously.  But thanks in advance for reading and the well wishes from my internet friends.  It occurs to me that I've been corresponding with some of you for close to 2 years now.  I'm always torn about putting personal stuff into the wargaming blog, and usually don't, but major life evens seem to be an exception.  

Friday, July 12, 2019

Timecast fields painted up for 15mm ACW

So right after I said I was done with terrain and was gonna paint some miniatures I went ahead and did some more terrain.

Life is like that. 

Just Because I had these Lying around and an ACW game in the Works...

Since I'm hosting an ACW game at the convention, and an ACW table could always use more fields, I decided that it was time to paint up those 15mm latex fields that I got from Timecast oh-so-long ago (back in December as part of the Christmas and Birthday loot as seen On This Previous Post). 

Turned out to be an easy quick project. 
spray dark brown primer
dry brush browns
brown wash.
flock the edges. 

Some 15/18mm Union Cav or scale on 1x1 inch bases.

End result, 4 more fields for the ACW table.  These will see the table during the convention for Barlow's Knoll.

I'll reserve final judgment on the fields till I see them on the table surrounded by the other terrain, but the Timecast fields were very easy to work with and seem to do the trick. 

Ready the Miniatures!

The small local convention is just about a week away, so the rest of my hobby time will be spent doing all those little prep jobs of a gaming host: printing out the OOBs and player aids, organizing the miniatures and terrain, getting a haircut and manicure so I look good for the public, etc and etc..


4 foot tall Unicorn Sprinkler.
That's right, you read that correctly.
It sprays water out f the horn.
For Daughter #1 to play in during these hot summer days

OK, so I didn't build it but inflated it like a beach-ball.  
Still was a lot of work for these tired smoker lungs.

Till next time.  

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Completed Expected LOTR ruins.

I've finished painting up my latest LOTR ruins made from Hirst Arts for battles in Osgiliath and Minas Tirrith. 

but first, a little mini drama presented in 1 act to illustrate how this came to be:

Scene: Our hero (which is me) is driving home from work when his plans are cancelled due to reasons.  Knowing that the his wife and 2 surviving children also have plans tonight, he calls her to tell her that instead of doing what he was gonna do he can now go with the family to their thing.

Wife speaks: "That's OK, you don't have to come, it's all gonna be moms and kids anyway, and you deserve a break. Why don't you stay home and do some painting or whatever."

Our Hero (again, which is me) replies: "Oh it's alright I can come (brief pause), but since you mention it I could get some painting done so I will stay home but let me know if you change your mind."
Hang up.
Turn phone off.

End scene.

(No, I didn't really turn the phone off)
(and maybe the wife is really the hero of the story.  Maybe.)

So unexpectedly I was able to finish the expected ruins.
I expect you'll like to see some pics...

Dry Brushing is Quick and Easy

Painting formula:
Black primer spray paint.
Heavy dry brush dark grey
Medium dry brush grey
Super duper light dry brush white.

It’s so simple it’s Kinda hard to mess up but I still managed to do so in a few places.
However the terrain is very forgiving of small mistakes and overall; came out pretty darn alright if I do say so myself.

On to the pics!

All 3 items painted!
I really ought to get a nice place to photograph terrain besides the kitchen table.

The Statue House

with the statue inside, naturally.
That good old king what's his name.

I'm really please how this broken statue house came out.  It's the smooth brick patterns that really make it stand out I think. 

The pretty piece of wall

Just a low wall, forms a corner so it can stand up.  

Arches Arches Arches Everywhere.

the back is really nothing special.
shame to end on this pic really.

All of the these terrain pieces use a variety of bricks from a  minimum of 2 and some even 5 different molds and I think I'm starting to get a real knack of mixing and matching the bricks together to from unique terrain.  It also just goes to show what an awesome system the Hirst Arts molds really are. All of them have been well worth the investment. 

That's a Load Off My Hobby Table

My main concern for the up coming convention was getting these 3 terrain items done so it was a relief when they actually painted up really fast and easy, even somewhat ahead of schedule.  It's still 2 weeks till the convention.  Now I feel really prepared and all remaining things on the to-do list are pretty minor; like typing up the army lists and packing everything for transport.  

And now that the terrain is done and the terrain making urge is out of my system (for now), I feel like it's time to return to the roots and start painting some miniatures again.  Just have to decide what.  

Thanks for reading.