Tuesday, August 29, 2017

CSA base done (with Paint Palette)

Finished some more bases for Regimental Fire and Fury (or Picket's Charge or Brigade Fire and Fury or really any ACW rules..) 

but first off; the Paint Palette part in the title is for my future self, to record what colors I have been using to paint these troops; because in six months I'll have forgotten...

Dear future self! Use these colors from Vallejo:
(50) shades of gray: basalt grey, medium grey (the best), light grey, sky grey, or dark grey.
(and will I still get that joke).
shades of butternut: yellow ochre, brown ochre, USA tan earth, 
leathers and belts and stuff; german camo brown
canteens; german camo beige
skin tones: pick any one 

method; pick a color, start painting and mix and match.  The idea is to get enough grays in the troops to make them look uniform, but enough other colors to make them look un-uniform, see!

alright, enough of that,  I suppose if anyone likes the color scheme they may copy it....  

It wasn't a large project, just to add some bases to the Confederacy and continuing the slow build up of forces for larger scenarios.  My USA force is around 100 stands, and I want the CSA force to be about the same.  just for Symmetry.  And so I can't be accused of favoring one side over the other, but it's the Union! (there goes the southern readership...)  

19 bases, 3 command (with proud flags), and 3 out of ammo markers of guys loading guns

Now I don't pretend to be a great painter.  I paint to wargame standard, and it all looks good on the table.  Just a method of: base coat, maybe a highlight here and there, Army painter dark tone wash, army painter antishine spray, and flock...)

These fellas all hid their cell phones and posed for their close up.
I think the buttons on the officer look nice.

And from the back, which is how one usually sees them....
No, not because they're cowards but when you command they advance away from you....

Now! Get into the storage box with the others.  

This makes the whole CSA force comprise of:
87 generic bases (guys with rifles)
10 command stands (each Regiment would get a command stand)
6 cannons
2 generals
4 Brave Colonel /  ADC / single based officer waving swords and pointing in a manly fashion type guys.

and apparently still all fits in one box as seen above.

The most immediate need is a few more generals, and a divisional commander or two, and cannons seems to be in short supply.  However for now, this  good enough to satisfy most gaming needs.

Overall, the ACW project is looking pretty good.  If stuff continues to accumulate slowly then it will be quite large by the end of the year.  I should go find a scenario (or create one) that uses just over what I currently have completed, just to make a goal to shoot for.

oh, or do some more terrain.


  1. Love the ragtag look of these. Those new additions you purchased will fit in quite well I think.

  2. Except those I bought from you are much better painted. 😀