Sunday, August 6, 2017

Plowed fields from Corduroy

Some unnecessary  backstory: 

I had a bunch of threads on TMP showing how I did some hobby projects.  The pictures I posted were hosted on Photobucket; which has recently changed their policy and no longer will allow 3rd party links.  So now all those pics on TMP are useless, and so are the threads because without pictures they don't make a lot of sense.    

so one of the first things I wanted to do on the blog is port over (or just redo)  some  of those threads and pics; mainly so that I can remember how I did things and also maybe be helpful to someone else...  

First up: plowed fields from corduroy fabric.  Most of this year I have been into ACW gaming, using 18mm figures from Blue Moon and usually Regimental Fire and Fury rules.  I wanted some plowed fields just to add to the variation of the battlefields.  They always look cool next to farmsteads.  

I tried all sorts of materials to make some plowed fields; carpet samples, door mats, and the 'ridges' were all off or the material didn't take paint well and it was all frustrating.  I finally settled on using Corduroy as has most everyone who has come before me.  Bow I found corduroy fabric actually hard to find, it NOT being 1970...  I went to Joannes and Hobby Lobby and where-ever I thought they sold fabric and it was never there, so I ended up getting it online.  

Teaching moment: the ridges in the corduroy are called "Wales" and density / size of the ridge is measured per inch, for example "X Wale Corduroy;" the higher the number the thinner and greater number of ridges per inch.  The first fabric I got was 14 wale, because I just guessed, and this was NOT the right size.  The ridges were too small, and hard to paint, and hard to see from a distance.  

so the next order I got was 6 wale, which looked like this: 

Looks to be the right size
I think the scale is a matter of personal opinion, but at least I could see the ridges easy. But the color was off (Brown wasn't available so I got Mocha, but it looked more light Tan to me than Mocha) so I spray painted it with dark brown paint...

and then along the ridges, put a line of glue and over it, and over that put down some static grass or clump foliage or whatever I thought would look good.  

and the end result looks like this:

"Everyone stop!  I dropped my keys!"  

The field with clump foliage is more bumpy than the one made of static grass

Not too bad.  or at least good enough to add some more variation to the table top.  

Here's a shot of them in use in a recent game last month.  It helps the effect when surrounded by fences and other stuff that promote the impression of a miniature battlefield..

the cornfield in the foreground was another project that I'll write about later.  

So there you have it.  I need to make some more of course, these first two were experiments.  Least now I have plenty of fabric.  


  1. Looks pretty good! However you said 14 wale and 14 wale... So which was the one good for 15/18mm?

    1. $%^&%$#*!!

      Thanks for reading and the comment Lasgunpacker. It should be 6 wale. Shammed that I made such an error. I'll go edit that to be correct. Thanks for pointing it out.

    2. No problem! Thanks for porting this over from TMP.