Monday, June 17, 2024

Even More Quar


I got the thing that you wanted but were too scared to ask for;
Even More Quar miniatures.

How can you get if you don't ask?
Gotta work on your assertiveness.

Whaddaya mean you didn't ask because you didn't want?
Phish!  Lucky for you that I'm a mind reader and I know what you want.

Now lets get on with it.  
here are some pics of barely adequate painted miniatures.

Even More Quar 

Starting off with the strangest miniatures, I give you these.... things.

One part hamster, plus one part snail, plus one part elk? Minus the neck.
Something Jim Henson saw in a fever dream.

These are called Cadier, and it's just the Quar analog for a horse.  In 'The Scenario' I'm envisioning, one side will have horses loaded with explosives to go blow up a bridge.  So I ordered some Quar cavalry and just didn't paint up the rider.  It's a win-win, because I got what I wanted but didn't technically have to paint cavalry because cavalry would be two miniatures and cavalry is the WORSE thing to paint.

Moving on; back to things that walk on two legs, to proper Quar.

My Crusader faction was low on leadership and support, so I rectified that situation and provided it.
I'm a good Quar-termaster. 
I stole that joke from Ben Cato.  Whom by the way, is a big supporter of many blogs with his comments and recently started posting again on his own (see HERE).  So you probably owe him a comment or two.
And now that I've givin him the bump, he can't be mad at me at stealing his jokes.
Master of psychology is that.

Here we have a Crusader NCO.

Suitably war weary

And here are 2 Junior Lieutenants

These guys break with leadership traditions 
and carry shotguns and axes instead of swords and pistols.
How modern!

Also the uniform has a slight Village People biker vibe, 
but that might just be the way I painted them.

Fun Fact:  All the above are from the 'old metal sculpts' and all the below are the new resin releases.

Because I am super genius, I got the resin blister called "crusaders officers" which are basically the same miniatures as above but in resin form.  So now I have extras.  I guess in WWI style war, one can't have too many Jr lieutenants.  Officers always take the highest percent of the casualties.  

all painted up.
"Ma-CHO Ma-CHO Quar,
I got to be, a Macho Quar." 

(IF you got the Village People reference above then that song was not far from your mind and this joke is amazing).

Another of the new resin blisters all painted up are these with LMGs.

Really Big Light Machine Guns.

once in a while, you gotta show a miniature from the back.
just to prove the whole thing was painted.

All Crusaders Minus a Few

This wraps up the Crusader faction in those famous words.. "for now." 
I have an order pending at Zombiesmith, placed almost 2 months ago yet to arrive, for a few more Crusaders that I want to add for "the Envisioned Scenario," but until that arrives there's not much more that needs to be done. 

All Crusaders.
Tuff bunch of anteaters this.

Just in time too, because I'm out of time.  Because..

It's Here.  It's Back

My most artful enemy.
My hated foe.
The worse thing ever.
It's Summer.

Curse the tilt of the Earth!
(don't let the cute sun fool you)

Summer is the enemy of hobby time.  The kids have no school to wake up for and slowly and inevitably their bedtimes get later and later because everyone can sleep in.  Everyone but me.  I still have to get up early to go to work.  The window of free time that exists after the kids go the bed but before I go to bed shrinks away... 
What? Do hobbies while the kids are awake?  Crazy hard.  There's 3 of them and only two of us so we're already out numbered.  Plus, they like love me, for whatever reason, and always want to know what I am doing.  And WORSE, they always want me to take them outside.  OUTSIDE! Where all the dangerous animals are, like rabbits and butterflies.  

My only consolation is that summer is also the season of cleavage and short-shorts.  
But I'm getting to be too old to wear such things.

Thanks for reading.
Double thanks for writing a comment.
Till next time.


  1. Another great post Stew. When is your blog going to be picked up by the Sacramento Gazette?
    Quar and the Village People, who would of guessed. 😂

    Thanks for the bump and feel free to steal my jokes, no one is buying them. 🤣

    1. Thanks Ben. You deserve a bump as I always see you commenting on other's blogs and should get some more in return. 😁

    2. Thanks Stew!.
      For some reason the Quar seems to give off a Vietnam war look to me. Maybe it is the tired expressions, hunched over from too many chopper rides, the wrappings on the guns. hmm, I might have to get some and paint them up. 😁

      Also, is the strange looking LMG just a British Lewis gun with the magazine vertical instead of on top?

    3. Thanks Ben. Especially the crusader faction has an American GI look.
      You're right, it does look kinda like a lewis gun.

  2. I have recently started to notice a few other people working on Quar projects, which I would not have looked at twice if you hadn't been working on them Stew. Lovely work. Yes, give me spring and autumn all year round as the most productive hobby seasons.

    1. Thanks Lawrence. I wouldn't mind if you pointed out this blog or gave me some links to others doing some Quar stuff. It's kinda a nitche in a nitch ya know?
      Autumn and Winter are my favs. but the important thing is: DOWN WITH SUMMER. 😁

  3. Nice Quar - although in truth I don't know what Quar are supposed to look like so if you had painted them in fluro pink I would be none the wiser! We are dipping into winter now and approaching the shortest day so it gets dark around 5:30 so plenty of evening hobby time.

    1. Thanks Mark. Quar are supposed to look exactly as I paint them and anything else is WRONG!
      You lucky man on the other side of the world. DOWN WITH SUMMER!

  4. Henson-like: very apt way to describe the look of the Quar (I was wondering what they reminded me of). Summer: not my favorite time of year, that's for sure: heat, bugs, mowing the stupid lawn, yech.

    1. Thanks Ed. Yeah, Quar do kinda look like a Jim Henson Muppet of war. 😁

  5. Another Quar-laty post Stew!
    I'm concerned about the mind reading though.......I have Quar-ms that you will implant desires for another project. I have Quar-ntities of Quar-laty projects already!
    Nah! I Quar-nt see this mind implanting working on me! ☺
    Kids and summer.....enjoy it while it lasts; soon enough you will be looking back wondering what happened to those cute kids......

    1. Thanks Niel. Some of those Quar-isms are a stretch. LOL but the Quar-nities was very good.
      but don;t worry about the mind reading. If i was any good at it my wife would be happier. 😁

  6. Ah! Excelent work! Really love that project!

  7. Quar-ter master was most excellent. Also appropriate since you are churning these guys out. (although there is probably a quarish word for it too)

    And Summer is the worst... not just the lack of free-dad time, but also more chores and energy is sapped by the wretched heat. If you can manage it, mornings are good, but then again work does not care about the time of year and goes on regardless.

    1. Thanks David. I HAVE been churning these little creatures out haven't I? unlike me.
      There seems to be a duel release of Quar miniatures along with STL files. I might need to invest in a printer. 😁

      Summer is the worse. and it is HOT these days. DOWN WITH SUMMER!

    2. Think of the Trek ships you could churn out with a printer...

    3. There’s LOTS to think about first. But there’s no rush for anything. And my backlog doesn’t need a constant supply of more stuff. 😀

  8. Nice painting Stew - and, quite a lot of it, for a man who professes to dislike painting!
    Your rant about summer made me smile, particularly the crack about cleavage and short-shorts!
    I like all seasons really - its nice to have them, so that you can tell what part of the year it is - I wouldn't like a bland 20 dec c all year around kind of climate.
    Without being too woosie, Neil has a point about kids - you do kind of miss taking them to the park etc - once its all in the past!

    1. thanks Keith. Who said I didn't like painting?
      oh wait, that was me. several times. it's true.
      I actually grew up in a place where the weather was ALWAYS pleasant. barely even had seasons. I should of stayed there. 😁

  9. Another post to make one chortle Stew! Frankly those 'horses' look just plain weird and rather frightening too, but then I love the look of the Quar, so go figure. I'm with you on Summer being the enemy of gaming. After a very wet Winter and Spring, we now have some 'proper' Summer weather so I'm making the most of that whilst I can. Still thinking about games stuff as always, but not sure when my next game might be...

    1. Thanks Steve. I agree, the mounts are just odd; I think it's the lack of a neck.😁
      I've had a proper summer for nearly a month now, it stinks. DOWN WITH SUMMER!

  10. Great work on all Stewart, the mounts are an odd blend, which gives them a very unique look. great work on getting the faction finished as far as you can until the order arrives. As for Summer being low on hobby time, must be time to make some scenery ! LOL

    1. Thanks Dave, as a matter of fact it IS time to do some scenery / terrain. I'm so sick of painting miniatures anyway. 😁

  11. Those mounts/pack animals are really something! I would say you made more strong progress and everything you showed off looks great. Good luck getting through the summer! Its been so hot here for June so a couple more months of this sounds pretty daunting to me.

    1. Thanks Jeff. The miniature aspect of this project is really coming together. 😀
      It’s 90 here every day minimum. DOWN WITH SUMMER.

  12. Kudos on making cavalry less annoying, that's a clever use of them. The rest are looking great too!

    1. Thanks SD. I’m full of clever ideas.
      If I do say so myself. 😀