Tuesday, May 28, 2024

This Quar's War More


Welcome back!  hope we've all been crushin' it lately.

because I've been CRUSHING IT on the miniature painting.

Crushing it when compared only to myself and my previous painting rate.
Not when compared to you; you Lords of the Hobby.  
Luckily, we can all laugh at the idea of being competitive in a silly hobby like this one.
But I laugh more.

Speaking of Lords of the hobby; Big thanks to those of you that pointed out other blogs that have some Quar content.  I appreciate it.  I reached out if they were still discussing Quar but left them alone if they had moved on to something less thrilling.  
Kinda cool that the blogger community can network like that.

Probably helps if the subject matter is somewhat unique, because even if done badly (as I do), is still memorable.   If it's something everyone does then it has to be done really well for it to be noteworthy, and I've never done anything really well except grow hair.  My hair grows really fast and thick.
Save your jokes of  'Enjoy it while it lasts,"  I ain't ever gonna lose this gorgeous mane.  
But if I had painted my first Napoleonic Old guard or late WW2 German infantry.....Snoresville, population - me.  

But enough intro, Time for pics.  I painted more of the adorable Quar.  Though I have the feeling that Quar are adorable in the same way that a tiger is a 'wittle puddie kat.' 

More Quars

First up we have some more Royalist / Coftyran quar.


2 of these guys are snipers.

Apparently, snipers don't wear helmets but have slouch hats.
No explanation needed.  

Next up; a Coftyran Is-Caerten:

An Is-Caerten is like a junior lieutenant or something similar.   
Don't worry, I won't bombard you with a bunch of made-up fluff words.  My eyes also start to glaze over when reading fluff that has a bunch of made-up words.. as this graph illustrates.

graph from Xkcd comic.

Those are all from the old metal range, and what about new stuff I hear you ask?
Next; here is one of the new resin blisters all painted up, the 'Coftyran Officers." 

Like any good leader they're waving their swords about.  

I tried to paint the little national emblem on the helmet and gorget thingy.  
I don't think I succeeded well.

metal sculp (left) next to new resin sculp (right)
just for comparisons

In any case; that's all the Coftyran Quar completed that i want for now.  enough for the upcoming scenario.  
That's a milestone, and an achievement unlocked. 

+10 hobby points for me. 


The faction facing off against the Royalists are the Crusaders.  These guys want to conquer the world in order to save it from the ruling classes.  And then rule it themselves, but better.  

10 Crusaders join the cause.

Some more close ups now;
Not because my painting is good, but so you can actually see the miniature. 
(in fact, I should stop inflicting people with close ups...)

I especially like this guy.
Kinda tubby, skinny arms, somewhat sad.
It's like gazing at my refection.

Quar are supposed to have color blotches on their skin.  When I do paint it right, it looks like cool giraffe spots, or tiger strips, or Rorschach blots.  When I mess it up, they look like polka dots.   

Crushing It?

Is painting 15 miniatures in 2 weeks really crushing it?  
What did we say about competition?  

But what if I told you that I also played my second game of Bolt Action? 
Impressive yes?  Even more so because I didn't do anything but show up at my buddy CG's house over the Memorial Day weekend.  

I played the Americans attacking a destroyed village of Germans.

My Sherman and his Stug would engage in an epic duel
of who could miss the most.
My Sherman won.  

I didn't take many pics.  I was playing and having fun.  I failed you. Lords of the Hobby would never fail to take at least 20 pictures.
I continue to like Bolt Action as a light, just complicated enough, 20th century wargame, which reinforces my notion that this Quar collection will expand to be used with these rules unless I find something better.  

So All in all: that's 15 adequately painted miniatures and 1 poorly documented game.
Maybe I'm not a Lord of the Hobby, but I think I hit the level of 'minor nobility.'
Perhaps Well Off Gentry?
Noble working class?
Peasant Farmer?
Peasant farmer's favorite horse?


Thanks for reading.
Double thanks for writing a comment.
Till next time. 


  1. Superb brushwork and a game too? You're crushing it, Stew!

    1. Thanks Jonathan, you Lord of the hobby you. 😁

  2. Nice work, good times, if that ain't crushing it!

    1. Thanks Pan. Crushing it all over the place.😁

  3. Lovely looking figures Stew. Very fun.
    Well equipped by the Quar-termaster. No doubt charging into battle yelling "No Quar-ter!"
    😁 Can you tell I was an accountant?
    I have to agree regarding the made up words in novels. Makes it so hard to read and adds nothing. And why can't the authors name the characters Joe or Fred, instead of a bunch of consonants and a single vowel.

    1. LOL, good ones Ben.
      Yeah, made up words are best if used sparingly, kinda like sarcasm with your spouse.
      Course, words like Egypt and Wisconsin are all made up, but just familiar. 😁

  4. You have been pumping it out Stew. The Quar look great. When you say the StuG and the Sherman slugged it out to see who could miss the most and the Sherman won, does that mean it lost?

    1. Thanks Lawrence. yes, that's what I mean.
      My sherman won the prize of missing the most, and the prize was being blown up. 😁

  5. Replies
    1. thanks Michal. Not as finely painted as your stuff though. 😁

  6. Given the current popularity of Quar (a plastic boxed set?) and Bolt Action I think you are in danger of becoming........mainstream! ☺
    As you have actually painted the figures you unearthed (as opposed to just looking at them and putting them back) AND playing a game, you are a prince of mainstream.....
    Arise Sir Hairy of Mainstream! ☺

    1. LOL, thanks Neil. More like Mainstream adjacent.
      but I'll accept the title of Sir Stewart, knight of the Hobby. 😁

  7. Great to see some more Quar Stew, which always sound like a brand of tofu to me;)! I must admit I do like them and if they did them in 10mm, I would probably buy some just for the fun of it. Great to see you getting a game in too. Compared to me you are certainly crushing it on the painting front, leaving me the 'peasant's farmers favourite horse' !

    1. Thanks Steve. It does kinda sound like a trader Joes brand of tofu.
      I know that Quar used to have a 15mm range, but don't know if it's currently selling.
      But don't worry, it's not a competition; but if it was I'd be winning. 😁😜

  8. I was just chatting with the Lords of the Hobby the other day. They approve of your Quars (say they don't see enough of 'em about). They're not so sure about my print and play stuff, though.

    1. Thanks Ed. Those Lords of the Hobby can be fickle masters. I'm sure you'll win them over eventually. 😁
      I'll have to catch the Lords meeting on Zoom.

  9. Quar-tastic!

    And if people can adapt Bolt action to 40k (Bolter action), I am sure you can do it for Quar. The various national traits can be ported right over without bothering to identify "good or bad".

    1. Thanks David. OMG Bolter Action, that's fantastic, I'm gonna go look that up.
      You're exactly right; BA is such a generic game and many things will port right over. I'm thinking the crusaders will get the American 'fire and move' special rule but haven't landed on one for the Royalists yet. But it's just a simple measure of tweaking things to fit the Quar fluff, which is based in reality which makes it easy. It's getting the armies done that will be hard and take time. 😁

  10. Great work on the latest models Stewart, and your right you should never judge against what somebody else achieves, rather did you beat the target you set yourself, as we all work at different speeds, and have different amounts of time to spend on our hobbies. Great to see you managed to get a game in as well.

    1. Thanks Dave. Of course all that about competition is just a little trite prose to make reading more interesting. I'm not competitive. In fact i'm SO not competitive I would totally crush any competition about it. 😜😁

  11. Continuing to love it all mate. I prefer Nuts! to Bolt Action but if BA is fun for you then I am sure you can adapt it nicely for the Quar.

    1. Thanks Rick. I’ve heard good things about Nuts! But I could never wrap my head around the THW reaction system very well. But you’re right; we all should do whatever is the most fun. πŸ˜€

  12. Well on the way to becoming a Lord yourself Stew!

    1. Thanks Mike. Though if I haven’t achieved lord status by now, I don’t think I ever will. Some dreams must fade. πŸ˜€

  13. Great progress all around! I wish I could go on a mini painting tear like you've done but I suspect that isn't likely to happen with how slow I paint. Its good to see you get in a game too. That is always a nice compliment to getting lots of hobby work done (even if its for a different game)!

    1. Thanks Jeff. It’s not really that much of a tear but a productive time for me anyways. Getting a game or two definitely helps keep up any hobby mojo. πŸ˜€

  14. Very great looking bunch of... anteater things, I think you get the striped/spotted look right more often than not.

    1. Thanks Space. I naturally think that Quar have a certain charm to them or I wouldn't be buying them. I appreciate the support of getting the blotches right. 😁

  15. Careful Stew, you are getting close to finish a unit...

    1. Thanks mark. finishing a unit? it has happened before from time to time...😁

  16. You are the lord of entertaining blog posts Stew. Never fail to make each post an enjoyable and mirth-filled read, while including some edification amongst the humour. That's clever writing for one, but a great service to wargame-blogging-kind as well, I reckon!
    I did wonder though about the collective noun 'a destroyed village of...''?
    Still, it's nothing compared to the media reports here around the 80th anniversary of D-Day that continually referred to German forces as 'Nazis'. Sheesh!
    I am pleased that you are enjoying those... Quars. Not in my universe, you'll be surprised to learn.
    Until the next time amigo, James

    1. Thanks James. I’m glad that even when the hobby content isn’t one’s main interest (like Quar) thst the humor at least makes the post engaging. That is the idea anyway. πŸ˜€

  17. Painted 15 minis and got a game in? I'd count that as crushing it, compared to my usual rate of activity. And you found time to blog about it as well. Great job.

    1. Thanks Dave. But no need to compare with each other. There are plenty who do more and less.
      Finding the time to blog is the easiest part; I write it while at work. πŸ˜€

  18. I seem to have missed this post when it originally came out Stew...I wasn't just ignoring you, honest injun!
    The Quar are some of the weirdest figures I have seen, so seem perfectly suited to you...and they have been painted really nicely, I think. The Bolt Action looked nice too...and you have now officially played two more games of it than I ever have, so you are winning that competition πŸ‘ πŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks Kieth. No worries, people miss posts from time to time, I’m sure I have. I don’t stress it.
      The Quar are strange. Next post will feature the Quar version of the horse which is even stranger. Do you have that to look forward to. πŸ˜€