Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Hello Again, 

Welcome back to the Terrible blog.  Today we have average painted miniatures and below average writing.

66 Out Of 100 

I've completed 16 miniatures to add to the growing umber of newly painted dark ages types, bringing the total now up to 66.  Only 34 (quickly checks his math) more to go to get to 100.

66 out of 100.  That's just about spitting distance from jumping distance to the end of this dark ages tunnel.

These guys are all the bad boys of the dark ages.  So bad they got a whole Age got named after them (you've heard of the Viking Age right?).  Guys whose idea of a good time was to hop into a boat, sail to a nice sunny place full of nice people, and steal their stuff and kidnap them.  Sounds like a fun bunch of guys.

That's right; These guys are ALL Vikings.

What a savage looking bunch of criminals

Here we have Hulk Hogan dressed up like a Viking Banner Bearer.

Thanks Mr. Hogan.

Now I'll do a small barrage of close ups so you can actually see what the miniatures look like.
then you can nod your head and say 'yep, that's a painted miniature alright." 

Do you like your men with beards?
Because Vikings do.  Lots of beards here.

Guy on right says to the Guy on the left:
"Dude, the stone ages called: they want their big tree branch back.
Go get a sword and for ODIN'S SAKE GET SOME SLEEVES.
It's embarrassing."

Lots of Foundry Vikings made their way into this batch.
They often have the best beards.

16 miniatures gives 1.7234689765 completed movement trays
(each holds 10, but DONT check that math)
or as I call them "Big Battle bases."

Obviously the next batch of miniatures will have to include at least 4 Viking Hirdmen to complete that last base. 

Then I need at least 10 more Bondi types and that will get me to 80 and then I'm not sure what I'll want to paint to round out to 100.  maybe some dark ages civilians like women and children or something.

The End is Near

That's all I got for now.  Time to start prepping the next figures in line. I gotta hurry; Summer is here and the kids only have two more weeks of school.  Then they won't need to go to bed on time so will slowly but inexorably start staying up later and later, because everyone can sleep in.
Everyone but ME, because I still have to go to work.  
The free time I have after everyone goes to bed but before I do is gonna shrink and shrink.
Such is the life.  No matter; staying up late and waking up early, that's what caffeine is for. 

Till next time.  Thanks for reading and writing a comment. 


  1. Excellent project continuation! You are surpassing my expectations. Does the end of the school year suggest your painting may be slowing down over the summer months?

    1. Thanks very much Jonathan!
      Yes; because the kids will be staying up later along with the wife but I won’t; so they will take up more time. Hopefully the trade off will be increased closeness and quality family time for the decreased free time. πŸ˜€

  2. Nice to see some of those Foundry metal sculpts to break up the plastic monotony of the Gripping Beast figs! I think I like Hulk Hogan the best, shame you didn't file down the hair on the top of his noggin to REALLY get his look down. I mean, Hogan does have the best Skullet out there!

    66/100 is great btw! Hope the little ones allow you at least a bit of time to get those last 34 done before Summer's end mate.

    1. Thanks Dai!
      Yeah the foundry Vikings have a lot of character. Too bad that character is often from 1960 folk bands…so much hair!

      Glad you liked the Hogan joke. I painted the miniatures and thought of him almost immediately. πŸ˜€

  3. Great continuation on the project Stewart, the end is getting nearer every model you finish, and soon be on the home stretch.
    As for less painting time, you could always try insomnia, amazing how much you can get done in the small hours of the morning, but it's not for everyone ! LOL

    1. Thanks Dave!
      Insomnia! Now Why didn’t I think of that? I’ve been on and off friends with insomnia but I usually prefer the off periods. πŸ˜€

  4. Great to see you plugging away at this project, even if it is not Star Trek ships!

    I often find that I can paint in the morning in the Summer... that time after I wake up, but before I have to go to work where I would normally be making breakfasts and lunches and yelling "put your shoes on" 100 times. or I might just sleep in, we will see. (still a month to go for these kids)

    1. Thanks David.
      Weeeelll, I wouldn’t say I haven’t painted ANY trek ships… (I’ll email you). πŸ˜€

      At my house the full conversation goes;
      Put your shoes on
      I can’t find them
      Did you put them away?
      I don’t remember

  5. Fantastic work on the Viking project Stew. Those castings from Foundry are some of their best in my humble opinion and I have quite a few of them myself. They also carry some superb vignettes of sacrificing warriors as well as monks being robbed and worse! You’re showing a lot of focus which is far better than I.

    1. Thanks Carlo.
      Yeah the foundry Vikings are pretty good; though sometimes I think they have a little too much beard action going on. πŸ˜€
      I’m usually pretty decent at staying focused but even this is pushing my ability.

  6. Nice group of viking figs. I generally find that Fall/Winters tend to be "high seasons" for projects, but summers generally feel more focused on gaming. Then again, I'm not impacted by kids and school schedules, etc.

    1. Thanks Ed.
      There are definitely reasons to my hobby life as well. I can do a lot of painting Jan-May and August-October.
      I don’t seem to have a gaming season any more. It’s all just catch as catch can. πŸ˜€

  7. Good looking scandahooligans, nice to see some heavy metal to go with gripping beast plastic, heavy metal very viking, your easily going to hit your target by the summer!
    I find gardening interferes in spring to autumn, bit of a free time sink but I try to cling to about an hour painting every weekday evening for my mental health!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain. I need to remember that ‘scandahooligans’. Very clever. πŸ˜€

  8. Nice paint jobs there Stew, almost at the finishing line.

    1. Thanks Tony. Almost to almost I would say. πŸ˜€

  9. Average paint jobs on miniatures I can tolerate but less than average writing I will not! I used to be a writing instructor at the college level so I may have to start editing these updates if you don't shape up ;)

    To be a bit more serious, the latest batch of minis looks great and you're making steady progress. I hope you're able to find more time over the summer to paint than you anticipate as well. When I hear things like this, I do admit I find myself lucky to not have kids and have a bit more free time but alas, I'm sure being parent has its perks too!

    1. Thanks Jeff. In truth I didn’t think the writing was that bad…πŸ˜€
      There are many perks to being a parent, I can’t think of any right now but I’m sure they are there…πŸ˜€

  10. Hot sauce. Re: the magnificence of beards, have you seen the bit floating around about how the reason the Saxons REALLY hated the vikings was that the latter's personal grooming made them irrisistable to Saxon women? It really was all about the beards. Link here:

    1. Thanks Markus. I haven’t heard of that but it does have the ring of truth. πŸ˜€

  11. Your paining is definitely above average whatever you might think. As for Hulk, he looks so much meaner when waving a flag around! 😁