Monday, September 17, 2018

6 years of Palouse Wargaming Journal

I was just about to post on something really trivial when something really important came up..


I always assumed that Palouse was a description of the sound a French cannon makes as it fires off cream pastries... sort of a "Pah-Loooooose!" 

turns out it's a description of a geographic region in north western America.  There, now we all learned something. 

But It's Also an Awesome Blog

Palouse Wargaming Journal is celebrating it's 6th year of blogging, and to celebrate the author Jonathan is running a little giveaway contest, and since at my center I am a greedy person I'm totally going to participate!  

But you can too!  So head over to the blog and check out the giveaway contest by clicking right HERE, read the rules and wish him a happy blogging birthday why not.

I am a new blogger, with just over a year under my belt, and I have come to appreciate the fine example of a blog that The Palouse Wargaming Journal is, and long may it be.  

On a personal note to Jon; I greatly appreciate your participation on my blog, and I hope that my comments on your blog increase your reward for the constant quality posts that you provide.  

Happy Birthday to you!

1 comment:

  1. "Pah-Looooose" is hilarious, Stew! Cream puff cannon, indeed! Still, much better than a possible mispronunciation to "Pah-Lousy" which some might think is a fair description of my painting ability.

    Blogging builds a community of like-minded individuals and this collective is greater than any individual. What makes this community so rewarding are the comments, support, and encouragements from our peers. Seeing commentary on a blog post is a great reward.

    Good luck in the drawing and thank YOU for YOUR support!