Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Things about blogging and blogger I've learned...

Random thoughts on Blogging

My next big post on ACW is under way, but thought I would write down some quick thoughts about blogging.    I'm new to this blogging venture, and there are some things that surprise me..

You don't get notified when someone decides to follow you, which I find strange. I wish I could say "thanks."  I know it's not a huge effort to follow someone, but it does feel like an endorsement that someone states 'when this Stewart fellow writes something I at least want to know about it.' 

You do get notified when someone leaves a comment, which I do like but didn't know.  Now I want to go back to some blog posts on other blogs that I found really useful but didn't leave a comment because I thought the post was so old it wouldn't get noticed.

When I click on a follower profile, it shows other blogs being followed by that person but not their own.  However, if someone leaves a comment and I click on that profile in the comment section; the profile WILL show someone's own blog.  If someone is taking the time to comment or follow my blog I am naturally curious about theirs, and in fact I've started to follow several more blogs just because someone left a comment here. 

Comments are Awesome

I've discovered the thrill of getting comments.  It's fun to put something out there and get feedback on it.  Since I like it so much I've also started to leave more comments on other people's blogs, even small comments like 'nice job."    Of course, I can only find your blog by you leaving a comment here, or  a link on TMP.    On a similar note; I've learned that really nice and/or informative posts take effort to produce, and my appreciation of such posts has increased.  Even if the post is not on something I'm very interested in, such as colonials and Zulus, the Roman slave revolt, almost anything with aliens or what have you, I now understand better the effort it took to produce such a post. 

I sometimes struggle (well not really struggle but over think) about what to share and what not to share.  I know it's my blog and all, but sometimes I write something and when I edit later (when I do edit) I erase something that seemed too personal.  I don't mean political or religious statements because those are just derisive.  Dunno.  I'm actually something of a private person (not a secretive person, I don't have any good secretes anyway...) (except that one...)  so blogging in general is something outside my norm.  I blame social media for corrupting me and making it sooooo  eeeaaassy.   I have no one  to please but myself, and I do want the blog to be a light hearted and fun, with a theme about wargaming and hobby of another 40 ish slightly pudgy wargamer. 

Thanks for reading. 


  1. Yeah I once greeted follower but was unable to track it properly.

  2. To top it all off Stew, Blogger changes from time to time (generally to stop doing something that it was doing before - like telling you when you get a new follower or a new comment on the main 'dashboard'). I personally try to use my blog as my own reference source, so post whatever I feel would be useful to myself or others!

  3. I think that not showing you followers blogs is a new thing also. I'm sure I could see it before and was able to follow others through that.

    1. Some have Google plus profiles which make it trickier to find their actually blog

  4. Thanks for comments! I have no doubt that some features of a free program like blogger would just randomly disappear.

    And yes I find the google plus profiles confusing. I don’t understand what circles are and am not interested enough to find out. Just tell me where the blog is! 😀